Blue 2-Buttoned Plain Formal Blazer

SKU: 34095003
Blue 2-Buttoned Plain Formal Blazer

Blue 2-Buttoned Plain Formal Blazer

SKU: 34095003
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Look your best in this modern styled blue 2-Buttoned Plain Formal Blazer. Made from 100% polyester for an excellent tailored fit, breathable Turkish cotton ensures a comfortable feel throughout the day. Perfect for office wear or formal occasions, this blazer exudes class and sophistication.

Style: Blue 2-Buttoned Plain Formal Blazer

Design: Blue Two Buttoned Plain Formal Blazer

Material: 100% Polyester.

Comfort: Breathable Turkish Cotton.

Most Suitable for Office wear or Formal Occasion. 


بليزر سادة ب2 أزرار

القماش: 100% بوليستر

الألوان: أزرق

الملمس: خامة تركية ناعمة - قطن بارد يسمح بمرور الهواء

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